Sewing Day

Today I sewed 2 pillowcase dresses for the Sew-a-Long that I mentioned in my previous blog post.  I’m MUCH happier with the way the second one turned out.  Not sure what was going on with the first, but it just seemed difficult to make.  I was trying to figure things out, as I hadn’t sewn a pillowcase dress in a while.  Now that I’m in the rhythm of things, I’m sure it’ll go much smoother.  I purchased some pillowcases from IKEA which I didn’t realize have neat little pockets inside of them to enclose the pillow in the case.  This, however is not ideal when you want to use it as a dress.  My solution has been to sew a band of ribbon around just below the pocket opening, closing the pocket on the inside. 

Dress #1

Dress #2

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Comments on: "Sewing Day" (1)

  1. yea!!! great job Amanda!! thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post today, so glad you like the pockets!! so glad to have you joining us! 🙂

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