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Spring Decor

I’ve kept my spring decor pretty simple – inspired by the ideas I’ve seen on different blogs.  I covered a couple plastic eggs. The one with flowers I used hot glue and found it to be a messy, time consuming project. I probably wouldn’t do it again. The sheet music egg is modpodged. I tore up the paper into small pieces, covered my egg with glue, then started sticking papers and applying more glue. I felt like I was back in grade school doing paper mache. Again, messy, but more enjoyable and not nearly as time consuming. To finish it off I simply hot-glued a ribbon and a couple buttons.

I’d like to also try using tissue paper to cover plastic eggs. HERE’S a good tutorial for that project.

I’ve also seen some specimen art around lately and was inspired to try making some of my own. Here’s what I came up with.  I sized it to fit a 4×6 plastic picture holder and then stuck it to the outside of the frame.

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Spring Wreath

The process:  After seeing lots of spring wreaths online, I was inspired to make one of my own.  While I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, there was nothing firm in my mind.  I started by wrapping a foam wreath with wide green ribbon.  A little more than halfway around, I ran out of ribbon 😦  It was either go back to the store to buy more, or come up with another solution.  I definitely wanted to have flowers on it and started playing around with some silk flowers I had recently bought at a yard sale.  I added a green button to the center of the white flower to match the green ribbon.

I liked the way the flowers looked on the wreath but I didn’t like that the styrofoam was peeking through between the flowers.  I set it aside for a day while I decided what to do.  At another yard sale, I came across a ton of lace and the lady was so happy that someone was going to find it useful that she let me fill up a bag for $1, even though she had most of it marked at $0.25 – $1 a piece 😀  I just LOVE good yard sale finds!!

So, after experimenting with some of the laces, I chose one to wrap the rest of the wreath then started gluing on the flowers.

A small bit of lace to hang it with and I’m done!!  My first wreath ever.

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